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Dryer Vent System Cleaning

I finally got around to cleaning out my dryer vent!

Two men in hazmat suits emptying bags of drayer lint into a shipping container with the text "Finally got around to cleaning out my dryer".

No need to feel bad if you find yourself in this situation; most people never give their dryer vents a second thought. Just count yourself lucky that damp clothes are the only problem you have encountered as clogged dryer vents can cause many more issues than just long drying times.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), dryer fires are responsible for 17,000 fires a year. Between the years of 2006 and 2010 alone, dryers were responsible for nearly 75% of all structural fires (NFPA, 2012).

Familiarizing yourself with the signs that put your dryer at high risk for a house fire can only benefit the safety of yourself and your family.

Here are some common warning signs of dryer vent clogs:

Excess Lint Behind Dryer

Longer Drying Times

Overheat Shutoff

No Lint on Lint Screen

Excess Lint on Clothing

Lint Around Door Seal

Hot Dryer & Hot Clothes

Clothes and Dryer Smell Moldy

Excess Pet Hair

Noticing any of these signs with your dryer? If so there might be something seriously wrong and they should be addressed immediately.

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