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Commercial Dryer Vent Service and Repair Services

If your business uses dryers, you know the importance of servicing dryer vents regularly to reduce fire risk and increase efficiency. Laundromats aren’t the only businesses with dryer vent needs. At Dryer Vent Wizard®, our services and repairs can benefit health spas, pet groomers, medical clinics, and more. No matter your industry, we have solutions for your commercial dryer vent problems. Let us help keep your vent in top condition. Contact us today for commercial dryer vent repair near you!

Commercial Dryer Vent Service and Repair Services
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    Commercial Dryer Vent Repair

    Commercial dryer vents can have longer lengths or complicated routes, leading to lint buildup and unexpected repairs. Dryer Vent Wizard service professionals can easily tackle these issues with their expert knowledge. A broken commercial dryer vent costs you extra time and money. Prevent this by choosing professionals who fix dryer vent issues, leaks, and more daily.

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    Commercial Vent Replacement

    Like any commercial appliance setup, parts break down and need replacing. Whether you need some system ductwork replaced due to aging or a full dryer vent replacement due to the use of improper materials, our commercial dryer vent replacement service has your back. We understand the unique requirements for commercial vent replacement and can get your business back to drying fast.

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    Commercial Vent Cover Replacement

    Having proper dryer vent coverage extends system life. The vent cover is crucial to maintain your commercial dryer vent system's integrity, especially given the large opening. They protect your dryer vent from external factors, like birds, weather, or other animals. Our service professionals can replace your vent cover to keep critters and debris outside of dryer vents where they belong.

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    Commercial Dryer Door Reversal

    Dryer doors are most convenient when they open in the right direction. While it may seem small, in a fast-paced business, shaving seconds off the total drying time can add up in the long run. Spare yourself time and frustration by calling our service professionals to reverse your dryer door today.

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    Commercial Washing Machine Hose Replacement

    The washing machine hose supplies water to the washer and also prevents that water from causing a catastrophic flooding event at your business. These hoses need replacement every three to five years, and Dryer Vent Wizard service professionals can help you get the job done. Our professional expertise will help keep your business moving by thwarting potential washing machine hose leaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about dryer vent maintenance and service? To learn more about Dryer Vent Wizard, check out our most frequently asked questions below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about commercial dryer vent service and repair services near you.

  • Based on years of experience, we know our customers want an accurate price for their dryer vent issue. Since many phone quotes are subject to change once our professional arrives on site, it’s best to diagnose the issue in person. This ensures you’ll receive the most accurate quote before any work begins. 

    Avoid low-cost providers that don’t perform a thorough, professional assessment. Get peace of mind by scheduling a professional dryer vent inspection with your local Dryer Vent Wizard!

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