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Our goal at Dryer Vent Wizard is to prevent dryer fires and increase dryer efficiency by providing the highest-quality dryer vent cleaning services. We also work to reach that goal by providing valuable and practical information about dryer vent cleaning and safety to the public. As a source of this specialized knowledge, we have been asked many questions about dryer vents, safety techniques, and our services. Here, you can find our customers’ most frequently asked questions along with our answers.

Q: Why would someone pay to have their dryer vent cleaned out? Couldn't they do it themselves?

A: While cleaning a dryer vent may seem simple, in most cases it is not. Our specialized knowledge allows us to handle any unforeseen problems such as improper vent configuration, pests in vents, or surprise repairs. Dryer vent runs that are longer than average can be difficult or impossible to clean thoroughly with household tools, but our professional tools in the hands of one of our technicians ensure that your dryer vent will be as clean as possible throughout the vent run. On top of our invaluable experience, our expert knowledge, and our professional tools, people also choose Dryer Vent Wizard over DIY dryer vent cleaning because our time, unlike yours, is dedicated to this service! The best way to ensure your dryer is functioning as safely and efficiently as possible year after year is to call Dryer Vent Wizard for annual service.

Q: I have never heard of anyone having a dryer fire. How big of a problem is it really?

A: According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System, there are approximately 15,500 dryer fires every year, resulting in as many as 34 deaths, 430 injuries, and $209 million in property damages.

Q: Are there warning signs that a dryer vent could be a problem?

A: Yes! There can be many warning signs that indicate an elevated risk of fire or malfunction. View our comprehensive list of Warning Signs to see if you might be missing a sign from your dryer.

Q: What type of services does Dryer Vent Wizard offer?

A: Dryer Vent Wizard provides cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repairs, alterations and complete installation of dryer vent systems for residential and commercial customers.

Q: How much does it cost to have your dryer vent cleaned and/or replaced?

A: Since each household is unique, an estimate is provided after Dryer Vent Wizard technicians perform a full diagnostic inspection. This inspection identifies the extent of the dryer vent problem and provides the basis of the estimate and recommended solutions.

Q: I bought a new dryer and am still having long dry cycles, why?

A: The dryer is not the problem. Vent disrepair, blockages such as bird nests or lint accumulation, and improper venting configuration are all possible causes of poor dryer function that Dryer Vent Wizard can fix today.

Q: Are there any other benefits to annual dryer vent maintenance besides making your dryer run more efficiently and preventing dryer fires?

A: While those are the primary benefits to dryer and dryer vent maintenance, consumers can look forward to lower energy bills as a result of the dryer not having to work so hard and long to dry clothes. Consumers save $18-$24 monthly on average as a result of reduced dryer times. In addition, clothes don’t wear out as quickly when they don’t have to go through multiple cycles. Visit our Vent Cleaning Benefits page to view our list of benefits.

Q: What is the difference between a dryer duct and a dryer vent?

A: The exhaust system of a clothing dryer has two different colloquial names, dryer duct and dryer vent. The two names are interchangeable depending on the region in which you live or which manufacturer made your dryer. Whether you call it a duct or a vent, we are here to get the lint out! Contact us today to schedule a cleaning for your dryer duct or dryer vent.

If you have questions about dryer vents or Dryer Vent Wizard's services that are not answered here, please call us today, or request an appointment to schedule service now.

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