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Dryer Vent System Cleaning

Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, I just had my vent cleaned and now I have moisture in my dryer.

We receive this question frequently in the summer. Yes, you might have moisture and condensation in the dryer this time of year. It has been very hot and humid the last few weeks. All that hot and humid air is trying its hardest to enter your home. This phenomenon will be more prevalent after your vent is cleaned because the lint buildup in the vent was acting as insulation and blocking the hot humid air from coming into your home through the dryer vent. However, having lint in your vent is not recommended and cleaning is necessary for efficiency and fire safety. When your dryer is off it is a big cool metal surface and water will condensate inside of it just like a glass of cool water will condensate and drip onto your countertop. To some extent, this is normal when the humidity is 70% and above and the temps are in the 90-degree range. Here are the recommendations to help mitigate the moisture.

Leave the door open: Modern dryers are more airtight and trap more moisture than dryers of the past.

Follow the Building Code: Make sure you have a properly built dryer vent and the cap outside is closed when the dryer is off.

Close the AC vent: If you have an AC vent in the laundry room you can try closing the vent or partway closing the vent to slightly raise the temp in the laundry room.

Re-route the vent: In extreme cases, it might be necessary to re-route the vent so the cap on the outside is in a location that is more shaded or lower to the ground.

Here is a link to a video from an expert in in-home service for more information.

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