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10-year-old Saves Home From Dryer Vent Fire

This is Why You Should NEVER Leave Your Dryer Running When You're Not at Home or Asleep!
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Jul 17 2018

Did you know that there are alternative uses for your seemingly useless dryer lint? Who knew the dusty remnants of dried laundry could have a second life outside of the lint trap and dryer vent. Used dryer lint is perfect for crafting, absorbing spills, and will create the best campfire for making s’mores. So, before tossing out your dryer lint, consider upcycling it into something fun and useful this summer.

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Dryer Vent System Cleaning

May 17 2018

Dryer vent systems aren’t as simple as they look, trust us. They can be quite complex and often differ from one property to another. Our dedication to safeguarding your home from dryer fires requires a thorough inspection of your system before we can offer you a price quote. What does that entail? Let us explain:

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Jan 23 2018

Ever wondered where that sock disappeared to? If both went into the dryer, how did one escape? Did you think to have the dryer vent checked? It just so happens that the dryer vent is a secret trove of lost treasures. Our Dryer Vent Wizards have found an abundance of bizarre items stuffed deep in dryer vent lines.

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