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Laundry Mat - Case Study

The folks over at A&E Laundry recently decided it was time to give their hardworking fleet of 14 commercial laundry machines a little TLC. Enter Dryer Vent Wizard, the go-to team for tackling the nitty-gritty of dryer vents. Sure, the machines had a DIY attempt in the past, but the savvy owners knew there was more to the story. Cue October 2022 – the inaugural clean date with Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix Valley.

These wizards aren't your run-of-the-mill cleaners; they're in the business of end-to-end magic when it comes to dryer vents, both commercial and residential. Armed with top-notch equipment, insurance, and a warranty that screams professionalism, Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix Valley swept through A&E Laundry with precision and expertise.

Fast forward to November 2023, and it was annual clean-up time once again with the wizard squad. Another round of professional cleaning and inspection ensued, and the results were nothing short of impressive. Despite handling the same volume and revenue load, A&E Laundry managed to slash its propane gas consumption by a whopping 10,000 gallons compared to the previous year. Turns out, clean machines aren't just efficient; they boast better airflow and, more importantly, contribute to a safer laundry haven.

So, here's to A&E Laundry bidding farewell to excess propane and embracing the power of a pristine dryer vent system. Until next year, A&E – Dryer Vent Wizard St Croix Valley will be ready and waiting to work its magic once more!

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