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The following was sent to about 175 people by a satisfied customer:

Okay, you are going to think I am crazy e-mailing you about your dryer – BUT – when we moved here over a year ago, I finally got a great set. Only when we used it, I noticed that after a few months I had to run it twice to get my loads dry. (I thought nothing of it b/c it seemed no matter where I lived, my dryers ran twice on heavy loads.) I just figured this is how it is with all dryers.

Well, the past few weeks, we have had to run our dryer even up to 4 times on a heavy load. There was even a "moldy" type smell in our towels. I called a dryer repair guy b/c I figured the heating element was going out. He told me that on dryers, if it is drying, even a little, it is more likely to be my dryer vent. He told me to hire someone to come and clean the vent that goes through the house.

I thought I could do it myself, so I went downstairs and pulled the vent out of the wall to find an extreme amount of build-up!!! It was damp and had that "moldy" smell that my towels have had. I tried to clean it out and the more I reached in the more clogged it was. I knew if it was clogged here, that the inside pipe had to be backed up.

I called a place called "Dryer Vent Wizard". It runs normally about $150 to come out, inspect and clean. That is for a normal 20 foot pipe. Ours ran 36 feet and was up and down and all around – causing our vent build-up. Even though it was over $150 for our case to clean it, let me tell you IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

After he cleaned it out filling a 5 gallon tub full of lint, I ran my dryer for a load and it dried PERFECTLY in a shorter amount if time. I have honestly NEVER had my clothes dry so fast. It seems like common sense that the vent needs to be cleaned, but thinking about it, this house was never cleaned in over 20 years and no other house I ever lived in was ever cleaned – so it was never my dryers, but probably my vents all along!!!

Anyway, they charge $39 to come out and take a look. (For a membership type thing of like $29 they will come out once a year and not charge the $39 fee.)

I HIGHLY recommend it!! Just thought I´d pass this along! We spend time and money on ‘big purchases’ like our oil changes, etc. – why not keep other important things maintained? Not to mention it is a huge fire hazard!

Dryer Vent Wizard´s # is: 1-866-498-safe (7233) for someone in your area. (Alabama)

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