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Is your Dryer Vent blocked by a Bird nest?

A bird's nest built in a dryer vent.

Birds are looking for a nice safe place out of the weather to build a nest for their babies, and what a better place than your warm dryer vent, especially if yours vents up high and is on the side of the house. It’s safe, warm, inaccessible to predators and cozy inside.

For homeowners however, it can be a danger. Bird nests can block your dryer vent system, allowing lint to build up and block the air flow from your dryer.

This can cause your dryer to overheat and ignite a dryer fire!

One of the best ways to know that you have this problem is if you notice bird poop on the dryer vent or on the side of your house. You can also look for telltale signs of grass or twigs hanging out of the dryer vent.

Also, if your clothes are taking longer than one cycle to dry, your vent is likely clogged with lint or a nest.

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