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Dryer Vent Wizard of Cary Blog

Dryer Vent System Inspection

Is your dryer trying to tell you something?

A before and after image of a dryer vent and the areas behind the dryer before and after cleaning.

Is your dryer trying to tell you something?

Excessive lint under your dryer or on the walls behind it is a warning sign that your dryer vent needs help! When the vent becomes restricted, the lint can not pass through the vent and starts to escape from air leaks in the tube that connects the dryer to the vent.

Here are before and after pictures from a dryer vent we serviced near Cary. Not only did we clean up the mess and the vent, but we also replaced the transition. The new transition is airtight and fire-resistant and will reduce the amount of lint that collects on the walls and in the dryer.

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