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The Hidden Allergens in Your Home

Hidden allergens in your home-collage of mold, lint, animal droppings.

When the discussion of allergies comes up, it is easy to think of the more common allergens like pollen, dust, and peanuts. While these are quite popular, did you know there are a number of hidden allergens in homes that can cause a host of respiratory issues and, in extreme cases, death?

A clogged dryer vent is a breeding ground for hidden allergens, but never fear! We want to help you identify some of the causes we regularly see:


The dreaded “M” word! Did you know that a wet load of clothes holds the equivalent of half a gallon of water? That’s a lot of water tumbling around. Placing soaked items in a dryer with a clogged vent is creating a recipe for disaster. A clogged dryer vent causes water to pool in the vent -- combine that with moisture and warm temperatures? The result is a forest of mildew and mold spores. These microscopic spores compromise air quality causing respiratory issues and driving asthma attacks.


Lint mixed with water from a clogged dryer vent can create a pasty mess (think: paper mache or Play-Doh). A clogged dryer vent will spew this concoction from the back of your dryer, causing it to harden in the vent and stick to the wall behind the dryer. This is an extremely dangerous situation for families with gas dryers. Gas dryers with clogged vents can push harmful carbon monoxide fumes into homes. This odorless gas can cause very serious health issues, with documented cases of death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Animal Droppings

Naturally, animals seek warm, safe places to protect themselves and their young from the elements. Unfortunately, we often see animals attempt to build homes (or nests) in dryer vents. Once there, they lay eggs and leave droppings. Inhaling dust laced with rodent and bird droppings is extremely harmful to your family.

The bacteria found in animal droppings has been known to cause Histoplasmosis and Hantavirus, two very serious conditions that have been linked to death. In addition, pneumonia and other serious health problems are attributed to breathing in contaminated air.

It can be dangerous removing foreign objects (or animals) from your vent. We recommend calling the experts, like us, to come and handle these issues. We go the extra mile, sanitizing all vent lines that have come in contact with animal droppings to ensure all traces of any virus and disease-causing bacteria are removed.

We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whether it be a simple vent cleaning service or a request for a more robust sanitation process, we always recommend installing a pest-proof vent cover. Installing a cover will drastically lessen the chances of your vent becoming an animal hideout.

Your family, home, and health are important to us! Not sure what is lurking in your dryer vent? We’re happy to come take a look.

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