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4 Ways to Upcycle Your Dryer Lint

Collage of knit doll surrounded by balls of yarn and skein of yarn.

Did you know that there are alternative uses for your seemingly useless dryer lint?

Who knew the dusty remnants of dried laundry could have a second life outside of the lint trap and dryer vent. Used dryer lint is perfect for crafting, absorbing spills, and will create the best campfire for making s’mores. So, before tossing out your dryer lint, consider upcycling it into something fun and useful this summer.

Here are a few things you can do with your endless supply of dryer lint:

Wet dryer lint is a nightmare for your dryer vent, but it is the perfect consistency for molding shapes. If you are familiar with modeling dough, wet dryer lint is very similar. Mix the lint with 1/3 cup of white glue, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and 1/4 to 1/3 cup of warm water. Add food coloring if you desire a certain color. Once the mixture dries it hardens making it easy to paint and decorate.


Summer is the perfect time for camping! Dryer lint makes lighting a campfire simple. Fill empty toilet paper rolls with dryer lint and wrap the entire roll in wax paper to seal the ends. The wax paper makes a perfect wick for lighting. Place the rolls where desired, light, and enjoy the fire. (And of course, a fire safety reminder: please be careful and make sure all children are supervised.)

Absorb Oil and Garage Spills

Do you have pesky oil spills or stains in your garage or on your driveway? Dryer lint to the rescue! Cover the affected area with dryer lint, let sit for 24 hours, and remove. You may need to complete these steps a few times depending on the severity of the stain.

Craft Stuffing

Instead of purchasing filling for your sewing projects, collect dryer lint instead. Mixed with newspaper, this use is perfect for holiday DIY decor, or birthday decorations. Also, please remember lint stuffing is best used in items that will be far from flammable objects and water (as we mentioned earlier, wet lint is sloppy, yet moldable).

Tip: As you’re collecting dryer lint, be sure to store in a plastic, resealable bag. Proper storage will make sure the lint stays fresh and soft, like your clean laundry!

When upcycling dryer lint, keep in mind that it can be extremely flammable and unsafe for use with animals or wildlife. Please dispose of your dryer lint safely and carefully.

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