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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here; who else is excited to stuff themselves with food and spend time with loved ones? We certainly can’t wait! Before the holiday arrives, though, we want to share a few Thanksgiving fire safety tips with you so you can have the safest holiday possible.

You may not have known, but the holiday season is when the majority of home fires occur. The U.S. Fire Administration reported that for every year between 2017 and 2019, there were 2,300 fires that happened on Thanksgiving Day. These fires caused about $26 million in property loss, 26 injuries, and 5 deaths.

Having a Thanksgiving fire and dealing with property damage and more isn’t something you want to have to deal with this holiday season, so take a look at these tips that will help keep your home safer.

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

With these tips, you’ll be sure to stay safer this Thanksgiving, so you can concentrate on turkey and pie and fun.

  • Always keep a pot lid on hand to smother potential grease fires!
  • If you enjoy using candles during the holidays, then be sure you’re placing them in areas of the home that are far out of reach of children and pets, so they don’t get accidentally knocked over. Also, keep them away from items that are highly flammable.
  • This might seem like a no-brainer, but it happens more than you’d think—don’t walk away from the kitchen while food is cooking on the stove! Even stepping out for just a moment to check on something in another room while the stove (and oven) is on means that if a fire does start, you won’t be there to put it out. And a delay in putting out a fire could cost you.
  • The stove tends to be in constant use on Thanksgiving Day, so ensure you’re keeping flammable objects away from the stove eyes. This means potholders, packaging from food, towels, and even the strings of your apron. This also includes loose clothing you might be wearing (like a sweater with bell sleeves) or even long hair, so pay attention to what’s coming close to the eyes on the stove!
  • The stovetop isn’t the only area of the kitchen you need to keep clean and clear. Kitchens on Thanksgiving are chaotic, and if the floors in the kitchen are cluttered or things have been spilled and not wiped up, a fall could happen (and that fall could be right into a hot eye on the stove!).

It’s easy to not pay attention to fire safety during Thanksgiving due to how much is going on, but following these tips will help you and your family enjoy a safer, happier holiday!

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