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A Reminder...

You want to make sure your dryer is always running safely & efficiently, so every once in a while it’s important to get a reminder on what you should never do regarding your dryer vents. Our technicians often seen problems caused by the items on this list. Look it over and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Read on & stay safe!
  1. First & foremost, never ignore any signs that your dryer isn’t working properly. Signs of a clogged dryer vent include longer drying times, clothes coming out hot, an overheated dryer, smell of mold/mildew, and excess lint.
  2. Don’t use vinyl or slinky foil materials for dryer vents. Why not? These can easily get crushed or kinked up which restricts airflow. Also, the ridges in these materials are great places for extra dryer lint to catch and hide out. Can anyone say fire hazard?
  3. Don’t terminate dryers in attics or crawl spaces. Vents must always terminate outside the building, otherwise moisture is allowed to deposit and you run the risk of mold and health hazards.
  4. Don’t use plastic or PVS for dryer vents. Remember those plastic slides you used to play on as a kid? Remember how static-y they would be as you slid down? The same principle applies here. These materials allow for static which dryer lint can cling to resulting in clogs, sludge and increased risk of fire.
  5. Don’t use screw or bolts to secure joints. Once again, these items act as lint collectors which is a fire hazard.
  6. Don’t use duct tape to connect venting materials. Duct tape dries out over time causing gaps in the joints of your vents.
Having your dryer vents cleaned and serviced by professionals is always the best route to go. If your vents have any of the above items, give us a call today!

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