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NJ Dryer Fire Caused by Non-Code Compliant Dryer Venting!

A picture of a burnt out dryer after catching on fire.

Dryer Vent Wizard of North Jersey installed new, code compliant dryer venting in a NJ home after a dryer fire. The fire was cause by restricted air flow in the dryer vent line, which consisted of 3" semi-rigid and foil venting. Lint collected in the line and backed up into the hot dryer. As lint is very flammable, the heat from the dryer caused it to ignite.

One of our main goals at Dryer Vent Wizard is providing the proper information to help prevent occurrences like this. If you aren't sure if your dryer vent line is up to code, have it inspected right away. Furthermore, even dryer venting that is up to code needs to be cleaned at least once a year, and sometimes more depending on how heavily the dryer is used and whether you have pets or not. Some warning signs that the dryer vent needs cleaning or the vent line needs replacing are as follows:

  1. Excess lint behind the dryer
  2. Longer drying times
  3. Dryer overheats and shuts off
  4. No lint is collecting on the lint screen
  5. There is excess lint on clothing after drying
  6. The top of the dryer is hot to the touch and the clothes are hot when removed
  7. Clothes have a moldy smell

Warning Signs of Dryer Vent Clogs

If you have noticed any of the signs above or are unsure if your dryer vent line is up to code, please call today!

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