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Do I Need a Booster Fan?

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re dealing with an issue with your dryer. Perhaps it’s taking your dryer twice the time to dry things as it used to or maybe there’s just twice the amount of lint build-up. One of the more likely causes of problems like this is a dryer duct that’s too long or convoluted. When you duct goes on and on forever or has more twists and turns that a roller coaster, it results in the back pressure being too high, which means less air is being sucked out of the dryer. And that leads to longer dry times, mildew, mold, and an increased risk of fire. But the solutions is simple—a booster fan!

What exactly is a booster fan? Well, it’s a fan that boosts air flow. A booster fan is placed inside the dryer duct, at least 15 feet away from the dryer, and has a built-in controller that senses when the dryer is running, which enables the booster fan to only run as needed. Their job is moving air through the ducts, so they’re a pretty useful thing to have.

And luckily for you, booster fans are one of the things we not only clean, but install! So, if you don’t yet have a booster fan, we highly recommend you get one to improve the safety of you dryer. We’ll send one of our expert dryer vent technicians out to install the fan where it will best provide supplemental airflow and ensure that it is functioning as it should be. Then, when needed (approximately once a year) we'll come back and clean it for you. Our expert technicians will remove all the lint and debris that's built up on the fan, then do a close inspection to make sure it's still properly working. Easy peasy, right?

What are you waiting for? Make the call today and keep your family and home safe from fire, mildew, and mold!

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