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Are You Ready to Spring Clean?

Spring has arrived (or officially will in a few days), which means it’s time for spring cleaning! Yep, it’s that wonderful time of year where we get to go around and deep clean our home from top-to-bottom to make sure we’re prepared for the warmer weather. Have you done yours yet?
If not, never fear! We’ve put together a handy checklist with the biggest spring-cleaning tasks you should accomplish. With these your home will be spring ready in no time!

  1. The biggest tasks for spring cleaning is probably making sure your windows are spic’n’span and ready to let the sunshine in! That means washing windows inside AND out. To make it easier to see how well they’ve been cleaned, wait for a day that’s not so sunny to clean them and begin your tasks on the shaded side of your home (direct sun during cleaning can leave streaks and spots). And don’t forget to clean any curtains, drapes, and blinds!
  2. Go through your pantry. Honestly, how often do you go through the pantry to pull out what’s expired or gotten stale? Now’s a great time to do that, then restock.
  3. Vacuum EVERYTHING. Seriously. Just attack your house with the vacuum and get the carpets, upholstery, between seat cushions, and whatever else there is.
  4. Rid your home of the dust and grime from winter. Go top-to-bottom in your house and clean doorways, ceiling corners, windowsills, baseboards, and walls.
  5. Take down your shower curtain and wash it. Even if you have a plastic curtain that you clean off with a bleach cleaner, it’s still a good idea to take it down and toss it in the washer for a deeper clean (just don’t put plastic in the dryer!).
  6. Much like the pantry, you might not do a deep clean on your oven and fridge very often, so now is the time! Get in there and get into the corners or beneath refrigerator drawers and make sure it’s spotless.
  7. Start storing away winter clothing, coats, and decorations, then bring out the spring and summer stuff.
  8. Flip your mattress. Flipping your mattress keeps it in better shape for longer, and it’s something you likely don’t think about often. So, take care of it now!
  9. Get your dryer vents cleaned! (Yes, you knew that was coming.) Your dryer vents should be professionally cleaned once a year, so what better time to have that done? Your dryer (and wallet) will thank you!
  10. Spring cleaning is a serious undertaking, but with this checklist you can do a bit each day until you reach your goal of a shiny, clean, spring-ready home. Good luck and enjoy the warmer weather!

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