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How Much Does Running My Dryer Cost?

You run your dryer a lot throughout the year! Have you ever wondered just how much it’s costing you to do so? Like most of us, you probably have pondered just what it costs you yearly to dry laundry, so you can figure out if there are ways you can cut costs. Well, we have good news—there’s an equation you can use (that’s relatively simple) to find out how much you’re spending each year on running your dryer!

The first number you’ll need to find is an estimate of how much power your dryer consumes when it’s on. To find this, we recommend checking your dryer’s manual. But if you don’t have the manual any longer, know that the majority of dryers consume 3000 watts (3kw) to 5000 wats (5kw) of energy when in use.

Next, you need to find out how much electricity costs in your area. This number is easier to figure out because you can find it on your electric bill. Electricity has different costs in different geographical areas, but it tends to be roughly $.10 per kilowatt hour.

And the final thing you need to figure out is how many hours a week you use your dryer. Just note down every time you do laundry for a week to find that.

Now that you have all the figures you need, you’re ready to do some math! Before you can find out what it costs to run your dryer for a year, you have to find out how much it costs to run it per week. To do this, multiply the number of kilowatts when in use by the cost of electricity by how many hours per week laundry is done.

For example: 5 (kilowatts) x $.10 (cost of electricity) x 5 (hours a week of laundry) = $2.50 per week

And, of course, just multiply that weekly number by 52 (the number of weeks in a year) to find how much you’re spending a year to run your dryer. Pretty simple, right?
Once you know how much you’re spending on running the dryer per year, you can figure out areas where you can save money while doing laundry. There are many ways you can reduce how much energy you use when drying clothes; one easy way is to ensure you have your dryer serviced each year. The cleaner your dryer vents are, the better your dryer will run and the more energy-efficient it will be!

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