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Are You Shortening the Lifespan of Your Dryer and Washer?

Did you know your dryer and washer should last for at least a decade, if not longer? If you’ve found that your previous machines didn’t last that long and are concerned about how long your current machines will last, this will help. It’s likely there are thing you’re doing that are taking years off the lives of your dryer and washer. So, what do you need to avoid doing?

For one, avoid not sorting your clothes. We know; sorting out your laundry properly is a task that can be annoying and seem pointless. After all, what’s the worst that could happen if you wash t-shirts with jeans? But even if no damage is done to your clothes when you don’t sort, it doesn’t mean your dryer isn’t being harmed. Drying things of unequal weight together leads to the balance of your dryer being thrown off, which isn’t something you want!

Another thing you want to avoid is running your washer and dryer too often. The more you run your machines, the quicker and more often they’ll break down. Try to stick to eight loads or less each week to lengthen your washer and dryer’s lives.

How many dryer sheets do you toss in with the laundry? If you’re putting in more than one, you could be damaging the inside of your machine. You might’ve noticed that dryer sheets have a slightly waxy feel to them. That waxy layer melts when it’s put in the dryer, so if you tend to use a lot of them at once, you’re gumming up the inside of the machine (especially the lint trap).

Have you read the manuals for your washer and dryer? Question a laundry machine manufacturer about the most important thing someone can do to keep their washer and dryer running as they should for longer, and their answer will be to read the manufacturer’s instructions for how to properly maintain these machines. Reading up on these instructions will only take a few minutes, and they could add years to the life of your machines!

We tend to think more is better, but when it comes to laundry detergent, the opposite is true. Using more soap than you should when washing clothes leads to more suds, and that can make it more likely that your washing machine will overflow. Plus, this uses more energy because your washer automatically adds extra rinses to break down those excess suds, and it leads to an increase in wear and tear for your machine’s motor and pump. And if you think those extra suds leads to cleaner clothes, think again; you’ll more likely end up with residue and stains on your clothes!

Do you remember to check clothing pockets every time you do laundry? If you’re consistently forgetting to do this and constantly have items like gum, coins, crayons, and tissues going through the laundry cycle, you could have a problem. Items like these going through the washer and dryer can clog up the drain of your washing machine and do damage to the inside of your dryer. Make a note to turn all pockets inside out before you start your laundry to avoid this!

And speaking of items that don’t belong in the washer and dryer—you may be running more of these through the laundry than you realize. For example, you might think it’s fine to toss something that says it should be hand-washed into your laundry. Chances are, this won’t harm the clothing, right? But it might damage your machines. Take delicate items, like lingerie; lingerie often has underwire and hooks, which can scratch up the drum of your washing machine. So, it’ s better to avoid putting these items in your machines in the first place.

And, of course, not having your dryer vents cleaned annually can harm your dryer and take a lot of years of its life. Having clogged dryer vents means your dryer needs to be run longer than normal to dry clothes, runs hotter, and can spark a fire in your home. So, be sure you’re properly maintaining your dryer vents to save time and money!

Remember to do the above, and your washer and dryer should last a good, long time!

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